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Q & A

Age: 61
Birthplace: London
Profession: I work in the arts and as an amateur model
Hair color: Sometimes blonde / sometimes brown
Eye color: blue/grey
Height: 5 ft 5 in  (167cms)
Measurements: 34/28/39
Bra/cup size: 34DD
Body shape: Classic pear-shaped
Weight: 147 pounds (preferably nearer 140)
Ambitions: For Lady Bee to become my full-time job and keep me in the style that I’m accustomed.
Achievements: Currently 107k Instagram followers, 8,500 Flickr fans and over 13k Twitter buds. And on older sites – 
18k Xhamster friends and 10.3k Tumblr followers (Tumblr Milf of the Year 2015 & 2017) .
Turn ons: The Beekeeper. Intelligent funny creative men who can handle strong women.
Turn offs: Sexist bigots with a sense of entitlement
Favourite authors/books: Too long to list them all but to mention but Hilary Mantel is my favourite novellist.
Favourite films: Three classics that spring to mind – Stardust Memories, The Godfather, Fanny & Alexander. More recent favourites – Sideways, Grandma.
My friends know: I’m bossy, opinionated, insecure, loyal, reliable.
Ideal evening: Staying at home, feeling understood, being entertained, delicious food, spliff, film, sex with The Beekeeper.

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