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For this new gallery we thought we'd share some photos taken since 2011 during her unexpected modelling career. 

To her friends, colleagues and family Lady Bee is a thoughtful, intelligent and attractive woman. Certainly not someone you would expect to be a exhibitionist and have a secret online career as an erotic model. It's not only the explicit poses that would shock but the fact that she has so diligently exposed herself and so often from every angle for the last ten years – there are nearly 1,000 erotic photographs of her available to buy on this website!

This Gallery provides the opportunity to whet your appetite and imagine what this stylish and beautiful woman looks like in her daily life. It's an invitation to meet Lady Bee in her everyday clothes and also, a chance to get a glimpse of her in her more sensual and sometimes titilating clothing. From the feedback we know that people want to see Lady Bee in and out of her clothes. Enjoy..."

The Beekeeper, November 2021

Birthday Dress (2011)
Lady in Black (2011)
White Linen Shirt (2012)
Fur Waistcoat (2013)
Office Clothes (2013)
Solidier's Coat (2014)
Spring Top (2015)
Swimsuit (2016)
Autumn Jumper (2017)
Baseball Jacket (2019)
Stripey Summer (2020)
Green Cardigan (2020)
Office Casual (2020)
Snow Patrol (2021)
Silk Coat (2021)
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