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UK milf Lady Bee



Definitely the best pair of boobs on Flickr. And such a gorgeous woman too.

Happy Kev / September 2022


The most beautiful woman on Instagram.

plummer4664 / July 2022


The best mature woman on the web. Delicious body! I would take two Viagara for you –  you would probably kill me but I would die with a smile on my face no morticain could take off

Biodad / February 2022


I love your style, your voice, your playfulness and your body. You excite the hell out of me.

mshaw / November 2021


Goddess! Just found you and your website here. Wanted to let you know I love matured, bossy women, you seem like great, interesting and playful company! Age is nothing but a number, but women of experience are more interesting IMHO. And you are simply exquisite... There's too much to like here!

NaughtBoi / October 2021



Lady B over me knee, you've sure got what it takes to turn a man on, I'm as hard as a rock. Very sexy and can only say yes I would, please. Stunning. Thanks for sharing your body and photos.

PJB / July 2021



I would guess that I have masturbated to Lady Bee probably 400+ times in the past 5-7 years.

KT / May 2021


Often seen you on the internet, figured it’s high time I saw more on your website. Thank you for breaking down the media’s stereotypes that sexy stops at a certain age. 

H&G / March 2021


You are indeed Lady Bee Snow Queen. It's your smile that melts me. You are as hot as f**k. You may need more snow!

Master Libertine / March 2021


She looks like the last woman on earth who would show you her c**t.

Lulu72 / July 2020


I adore Lady Bee, she just oozes sexiness. Ten years now I've been enjoying her luscious curves and lovely peachy bum. In these weird times we need Lady Bee!!!

Ozman90 / May 2020


I don't even know what to say. I stumbled upon one of your pictures online and found my way here. Your pictures are the epitome of a truly confident and not to mention absolutely gorgeous woman! What a gift you have and how lucky we are that you share it with us. Thank you.

Mookie2005 / November 2019


Hey Lady Bee, I was looking at your photos today and just want to say you have such a lovely body :) :) Your pictures make me smile among other things ;) Sexy women make me wet. Age doesn't matter xxx

Alissa / October 2018