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Welcome to Lady Bee on the Sofa, a sensual session gathering 120 unseen photographs of the UK's most sought after senior erotic model.


Delighted with her new brown leather sofa, Lady Bee tries-out the cushions with the barest minimum of clothing – wearing just a baggy jumper that shows all of her legs off (and more) and then sprawls out in a tiny blue shirt and leggings. But what better way to try out a new sofa than taking a seat au naturel.


And what follows is a variety of stimulating poses – on her front to display the flawless skin on her back and peachy bare arse and then it's tits upwards, naked and proud, allowing the camera to pore over every inch of her exposed flesh. Then she's more than happy to sit up, fully nude on the edge of her seat, legs apart, to test those sofa cushions to the maximum. An unmissable treat for all Lady Bee fans.


Lady Bee on the Sofa

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