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When Lady Bee recently decided to take early retirement from her management job at the age of 59, her partner The Beekeeper was happy to help her clear her desk. With the premises empty due to lockdown, Lady Bee suddenly had the idea of a naked photo session - in the office to - mark the occasion.


Lady Bee Office Girl contains 101 new sensational photographs which show the two sides of her personality. The first shows how her colleagues and customers knew her - in smart and casual office clothes - and then you get to see how they simply could never have imagined their long-serving office manager!


It's Lady Bee in the office unbuttoned to reveal push-up bra and lacy panties followed by a mischievous striptease as she climbs over office furniture. Then she’s completely naked and the only figure this office manager is projecting now is her 34DD breasts and ample bum!


These explicit photos show a mature and attractive woman in transition between a 40 year business career to what is now her full-time role as a full-frontal popular erotic model. This is not the late career change anyone was expecting!

Lady Bee Office Girl

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