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Welcome to the LADY BEE PRIVATE COLLECTION. I'm Lady Bee and I'm 61 years old living somewhere in England. You might even recognise me — my photos, taken by my partner The Beekeeper, are all over the internet. We've been posting online for over ten years, all completely free to anyone who wants to see.

The LADY BEE PRIVATE COLLECTION is where you'll be able to download complete sets of our photographs (nude and completely uncensored) from our shop and stream exclusive videos on Lady Bee TV

I know that I'm not the usual 'pin-up' material — and not simply because of my age. I'm an Oxford graduate (English) and I didn't start posing naked until I was 49. Once I could never have imagined having a website like this, never mind 165,000 online followers!





In August 2023 I took the plunge and started my very own OnlyFans page! Imagine that, little old me! So that's where I'll be posting my very latest photos and new little films, alongside some very special archive content. And I'm aiming to post something everyday.

So if you need some more Lady Bee in your life, do come over and see me there...

Click here to see my OnlyFans page.

Although there'll be some crossover, the OnlyFans page will have new and different content than you'll find here. And this website will certainly be kept open in the future.

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