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Welcome to the LADY BEE PRIVATE COLLECTION. I'm Lady Bee and I'm 61 years old living somewhere in England. You might even recognise me — my photos, taken by my partner The Beekeeper, are all over the internet. We've been posting online for over ten years, all completely free to anyone who wants to see.

The LADY BEE PRIVATE COLLECTION is where you'll be able to download complete sets of our photographs (nude and completely uncensored) from our shop and stream exclusive videos on Lady Bee TV.  Think of it as Lady Bee's very own boutique!


We'll still post on the other sites of course, but this will be the place for particularly devoted followers who want to have everything and see ALL of me.

I know that I'm not the usual 'pin-up' material — and not simply because of my age. I'm an Oxford graduate (English), I've worked in the arts all my life, and I didn't start posing naked until I was 49. Ten years ago I could never have imagined having a website like this, never mind 165,000 online followers! In 2021 I was described as the 'UK's no.1 gilf and favourite mature erotic model' and declared an 'official online celebrity'!

I'm glad to be part of a generation of women that refuses to hide and grow old quietly, proving you can still be desirable well into your sixth decade and beyond.


So far, Lady Bee has been a bit of fun. But if we can actually generate some income, we'll be able to devote more time to creating interesting content for the LADY BEE PRIVATE COLLECTION. Happy browsing!

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